News and Events

This page is for any current News or Events Taking Place in the Town of Mammoth.

If you are having an event that you would like to let the town know about or just some news that you think the town residents should know about, please contact Sharon at or call the Library at 520-487-2026 Tues-Fri 12-5 PM and we will place it here.


Az Youth Partnership Mini Camp for Ages 5-9 July 19th and 22nd

See Flyer below:

Mini Summer Conference Main Flyer

Mini Summer Conference Registration


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Mammoth Public Library is OPEN TO ALL from Tues-Sat 12-6PM Please, if you are not vaccinated, please be honest for the rest of our patrons and wear your mask while you are with us. Thank you.

Mammoth Mask Memorandum

May 21, 2021

The Mammoth Town Council has lifted the mask mandate effective this date, but with the following restrictions and recommendations:

  1. If not COVID vaccinated, masks are recommended and encouraged for all types of outdoor activities, i.e., parks, ballfields, swimming pool, cemetery and general outdoor activities. Masks are optional for those who have been vaccinated.
  2. Businesses – Allow each business to require/not require masks.
  3. Masks optional for all those fully vaccinated in town buildings and vehicles, but required for unvaccinated individuals:
  4. Town Offices will limit the number of persons in enclosed areas for those without a mask to prevent the spread of COVID.
  5. The Library will require masks for unvaccinated individuals at certain activities or events.
  6. Community Center – Masks optional for parties of 50 or less persons, but must continue to social distance. Parties greater than 50 must wear a mask indoors. Enforcement and liability will be the responsibility of the event organizer.

Town Metal Yard and Brush Dump

Due to residents dumping household trash and debris that is not allowed, the town has locked both yards. You will need to contact Town Hall at 487-2331 to make arrangements for dumping brush or scrap, The load will be checked by staff before being allowed to dump in our facilities. Thank you.