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Mammoth-San Manuel Unified School District

San Manuel Miner newspaper

Copper Corridor Economic Development Coalition

“We are fortunate at this juncture that rural Arizona has the attention of the state. And nationally rural communities and their economies have drawn the support of federal and private agencies. By putting creative local professional efforts and energies into an economic development organization the likelihood of gaining their support increases. Our vision and mission are to develop sustainable communities and a prosperous future for eastern Pinal County. We are poised to create something new in our area.”

Central Arizona Association of Governments

“The Central Arizona Association of Governments (CAAG) is a Council of Governments that serves as the regional planning agency for Pinal and Gila Counties. CAAG provides a regional forum for analysis, discussion, and resolution of issues including areas of transportation, environmental quality, community and economic development, job training, and social services.”

Pinal County

Pinal County Visitor Center