Services–Forms and Applications


All payments accepted at Town Hall.

Monday through Friday 8AM – 4PM

125 N Clark Street

(520) 487-2331


Water Connection Updated 09/01/2015

Deposit:                   $150.00 (Refundable)

Processing Fee:       $15.00

Applications to open a new account are available at the Town Hall. A copy of the applicant’s drivers license is also needed.

Water Rates Updated 09/01/2015

First 1000 gals:       $11.41(minimum monthly charge)

Per gallon:              $0.00372


Sewer Updated 09/01/2015

Residental:     $15.63

Business:        $24.31


Sanitation Updated 09/01/2015


1 Can:                $17.40

2 Cans:              $22.40

3 Cans:              $30.90

This service is contracted through Waste Management. If your garbage is not picked up please notify the Town Hall by 1:00 p.m. on Monday.


Dog License Updated 02/28/2017

$7.00 per year.

Please pay at the Town Hall.


Business License Updated 02/28/2017

$18.75 Quarterly

$37.50 1/2 Year

$75.00 Full Year

 Late fee is 25%

Please pay at the Town Hall.


Valley View Cemetery Updated 09/01/2015

Casket Sites

Plots:                                $250.00

Vaults:                              $300.00

Open/Close:                      $632.00 (New fees approved by Town Council 6/16/11)

Cremations Sites

Urn Vaults                            $  50.00

Open/Close                           $100.00

Weekend Surcharge:        $400.00

Plots are only available to Mammoth residents or immediate family members i.e. mother, father brother or sister.


Parks & Recreation Updated 09/01/2015

Facility usage fees:

All fields should be reserved by completing an application at the Town Hall and paying the user fees prior to the time the field is in use.

The Town Hall staff will notify the Police Department that the field is reserved and paid for.

There are no waivers and all fees are based on daily usage.

Little League Field

Crossroads – Catalina & Kino

Field and Lights:                           $50.00

Restrooms:                                   $15.00

Senior League Field

Crossroads – Chacanaca

Field and Lights:                            $50.00

Restrooms:                                    $15.00

Softball Field

Crossroads – Bluebird & Main Street

Concessions and Restrooms:       $35.00

Deposits all Fields:                        $100.00

Soccer Field

Highway 77 and Rio Drive (Behind the Renal Health Care Center)

Open to the Public

Facilities opened per request. Contact the Town Hall.

Community Center

101 5th Street

Cash Deposit             $200.00

Per Hour Rental         $50.00 (No Minimum)

Mammoth Swimming Pool

104 5th Street


Call Town Hall for hours and rates (May-September)

Pool Parties: 2017

COST: $225 for 3 hours, $50 for each additional half-hour (30 minutes).
? Includes set up/clean up time.
? Up to 50 swimmers (the cost will increase by $25/hr per additional lifeguard needed)
? The pool is available:
o Friday Night (until 10 pm)
o Saturday Afternoon
o Saturday Night (until 10 pm)
o If another day/time is requested, please contact the Pool Manager

2017 Pool Party Form


Liquor License Updated 09/01/2015

This permit allows the purchaser to allow guests to consume alcohol at the parks. It is not a permit to sell alcohol.

Fee per Day:              $30.00


Planning & Zoning Permits

The following permits are required within town limits:

Required for any excavating activities using heavy equipment.

Excavation Permit: $35.00

Permit for setbacks, completions, foundations of new homes and manufactured homes.

Diamond Permit:     $5.00         

Required to install mobile/manufactured home on any lot within town limits.

Manufactured/Mobile Home Permit: $95.00

Sign Permit- Permit to post signs within town limits.


 Maximum 4 sq. ft.           $25.00

4 sq. ft.-50 sq. ft.            $35.00

50 sq. ft.-100 sq.ft.         $45.00

100 sq. ft. -150 sq. ft.     $55.00

150 sq. ft. -200 sq. ft.     $65.00

All permits are issued by the Town Planning & Zoning Administrator