Resolutions/Ordinances Passed

Resolution 2020-02 Wastewater Increase

Resolution 2020-01 Water Increase

Resolution 2015-01

Ordinance No. 203 Amending 14-14 Occupied Properies 2016-07-21

Ordinance No. 202 Town Magistrate 2016-05-18

Ordinance No. 201 Vehicular Noise 2015-11-19

Oridinance No. 200 Property Tax Levy Fiscal 2015-16

Ordinance 199–Vacancies in Council

Ordinance 198.02–Town Sales Tax

Ordinance 197–Off Road and Unlicensed Vehicles

Ordinance 196.01–Amending Recall and Removal

Ordinance 196 –Recall and Removal

Ordinance 195–Vacant Properties

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