TOWN HALL SHOUT OUT “News and Comments”

Letter from Governor Ducey Declaring the State of Emergency with funding for Mammoth 08-13-2018

Approved Declaration Pinal County 080718 Declaring the State of Emergency from Pinal 18-7-2018

Letter to Mammoth Residents Posted 7-27-2018 From the Town Manager

Town Manager Letter to Concerned Citizen Posted 05-18-2018

Prop 416 & 417 Posted August 31, 2017

Utility Service Partners Water and Sewer Posted August 31, 2017

Letter to Senator McCain Posted March 24, 2017

Letter to Arizona State Legislature Posted March 20, 2017

Letter to Auditor General Posted March 20, 2017

Letter From Pat Walker To Council 07-19-2016

CAG Nov 18, 2015

5 Mayors Nov 2015

State of the Town 9-17-15

Mayors Corner 9-15-15 The 5 Mayors Meeting

Mayors corner Power 9-7-15 Power Issues

Mayors corner unified police  8-31-2015 Possible Unified Police Dept.

Public Notice-July 2015 Town Financial Spreadsheet

Mayor Comments, State of the Town 2015-07-16

Public Notice 2015-05-28  Fiscal Year-to-Date Financial Report




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