Council Public Notices/Hearings

Public Notice Call of Election Posted 2018-02-16

Council Public Notice League of Cities and Towns Informational 8-26-2017

Public Notice 2017-08-03  Property Tax Levy

Council Agenda 2017-07-12 Public Hearing

CDBG 2ND 5-18-2017 Public Hearing Notice for May 18, 2017

Public Hearing 07-2016 Home Rule

Public Notice 2016-02-25 One time override

Notice of Public Hearing 2016-02 One time Over Ride

Public Notice-July 2015 Town Financial Spreadsheet

Council Public Notice 2015-04-02

Council Public Hearing 2015-03-26

Council Public Minutes 2015-01-15

Council Public Hearing 2015-01-15

Council Public Hearing 2014-09-20

Council Public Hearing 2014-07-31

Council Public Hearing 2014-06-26

Council Public Hearing 2014-06-19

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