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General Public–Guide to Hunger Assistance Resources –

Fighting Housing Insecurity with Support & Resources –

Connecting Households to Utility Assistance Programs –

Seniors–According to the CDC, falls among older adults are extremely common, with an estimated 2.5 million older adults treated for fall injuries in the U.S. every year. An estimated 25,000 of those fall injuries result in death. Justifiably so, 8 out of 10 caregivers are worried about fall prevention. A medical alert device is a valuable tool to help seniors receive the help they need if a fall or other emergency occurs. For this reason, we came up with a resource to help aging adults and their caregivers learn about the best medical alert companies and devices to help them make an informed decision and find a medical alert system that best fits their needs. You can learn more about our guide here:


  1. Help Students with financial aid resources, suggested list of 2022 scholarships that can help them learn about the different options available. Here’s the link:
  2. Nursing Home Abuse Guide –  Holly Brooks came across this helpful information about seniors
  3. Accounting Degree On-Line My name is Amber Bridges with Enroll Education. Our editors have recently updated our Accounting Education Guides that include lists of scholarships, comprehensive degree program data, licensing & certification info by state, and career profiles for the industry. You can see the guide here:
  4. Public Outreach Department for the Mesothelioma Center ( We are an advocacy group that works to spread awareness of asbestos-related diseases and help those currently suffering from them.  Receive great information at
  5. Dementia- We would like to suggest How Caregivers Can Navigate a Loved One’s Dementia Diagnosis  This guide for caregivers offers information about the different types of dementia, tips for communicating with loved ones with dementia, advice for practicing self-care while caregiving, with additional information.  Suggested by Georgetown’s University’s Nursing online programs. sign up here for online MS in Nursing, DNP, and Post-Graduate Certificate programs.
  6.  In today’s modern world of screen usage, it is important to consider the negative effects of extended screen time on the eyes, minds, and bodies of children, we recently published a guide to screen time for parents. Here’s the link.
  7. Copper Corridor Community Substance Abuse Coalition    substanceabusecoalition–Help us Encourage and Educate our youth to make healthy choices for a bright and successful future.
  8. Craft the Perfect Resume. We’ve created a guide to take you through every step of the resume process, choosing the correct format to avoiding red flags that may cost them their dream job. our resume writing guide along with recent examples here:
  9. We offer the #1 Excel tutorial on the net. Easy to follow, fully illustrated + 300 examples. It’s 100% FREE.
  10. provides education, employment, and licensure guides for individuals interested in pursuing a degree and career in accounting.
  11. Division On Addictions  Division On Addictions is an organization that helps vulnerable Arizona residents who are addicted to drugs or alcohol locate proper treatment options. Alcoholism and drug addiction are terrible crises affecting all ages in our communities – from teenagers to senior citizens. Finding treatment facilities that are able to understand the underlying causes of the addiction, and that are able to cure an individual so as to prevent any relapse, is often a very hard task. This is where we come in. We help those in greatest need to find addiction treatment options that are the best for each individual situation. Our services are 100% free.


  1. MESOTHELIOMA VETERANS CENTER Aldan May Advocacy Support (877) 404-9992  It is our mission to raise awareness and reach those who may need our assistance.
  2. Scholarships For Veterans
  3. We at want to encourage veteran students in Mammoth to continue their education and invest in a rewarding career. To do so, our team has created a detailed list of available scholarships to ensure that our American Heroes can access the funds to support their educational journey.


  1.   Alzheimer Support ( Alzheimer Support is a free service that assists Mammoth families who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Through our free search tool and database of Alzheimer’s care facilities, families in need of care for their loved ones can locate licensed care homes and communities in the Mammoth area that are best equipped to provide care for their loved ones.
  2.  Here is a very informative Alzheimer & dementia webpage –  Suggested by Samantha, from Homeschooling Adventures.
  3. As a Medicare plans resource center (Note: we do not sell or provide healthcare plans), we’ve made it our mission to tackle the challenges associated with Medicare. We aim to
    1. Serve as a Medicare counselor, advocate, and educator
    2. Provide fact-based, data-driven, expert-reviewed information about Medicare and Medicare rights
    3. Advocate for and assist in finding actionable solutions to healthcare coverage problems for aging adults                                                                                                                                              Our newly updated resource on Medicare Advantage Plans in Arizona helps guide seniors through the state’s available plans, eligibility requirements, and enrollment guidelines. Most importantly, we provide a list of helpful community organizations throughout Arizona that can further support seniors with their healthcare needs. You can see the resource here:
  4. Seniors often have unique needs, and the same can be said for their storage unit requirements. We recently created a guide on everything people need to know about storage facilities                for aging adults. You can view the guide here:
  5. For Seniors and their Families. Aging comes with a lot of changes. One transition many seniors and their families face is moving to a place where they can get more hands-on care. Assisted living communities are well equipped to help residents manage daily activities while allowing aging adults to retain their independence. Guide to assisted living in Arizona discusses paying for assisted living and eligibility requirements. It also has free resources for seniors and their families. You can view it here:
  6., provides science-backed information for seniors to stay active, mobile, and independent. guides on various types of mobility exercises for seniors (including free downloadable PDFs of the exercises). You can see one of the exercise guides here: Best Mobility Exercises for Seniors    Free Wheelchairs & Free Mobility Scooters in the US – List of Programs State by State Where to Donate Wheelchairs and Walkers

  7. Byte – an organization obsessed dental health, recently published an educational dental health guide for seniors. This free resource looks at common dental health issues, paying for dental care, and more. Please take a look:

Mammoth-San Manuel Unified School District

San Manuel Miner newspaper

Copper Corridor Economic Development Coalition

“We are fortunate at this juncture that rural Arizona has the attention of the state. And nationally rural communities and their economies have drawn the support of federal and private agencies. By putting creative local professional efforts and energies into an economic development organization the likelihood of gaining their support increases. Our vision and mission are to develop sustainable communities and a prosperous future for eastern Pinal County. We are poised to create something new in our area.”

Central Arizona Association of Governments

“The Central Arizona Association of Governments (CAAG) is a Council of Governments that serves as the regional planning agency for Pinal and Gila Counties. CAAG provides a regional forum for analysis, discussion, and resolution of issues including areas of transportation, environmental quality, community and economic development, job training, and social services.”

Pinal County

Pinal County Visitor Center

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