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Here on this page you will find any employment opportunities that the Town of Mammoth may have.

You may download an application for the Town of Mammoth by clicking the Application Tab at the top of the Welcome Page.

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Town of Mammoth Employment Opportunities


The Town of Mammoth is accepting applications for Police Dispatchers–

This is a Part-time Position.                                                                                                                            Please submit all applications to  G. Carrera  g.carrera@townofmammoth.us


The Town of Mammoth is accepting applications for qualified Police Officers.

Minimum Police officer Qualifications:

  • Thorough background testing
  • Arizona POST Certified or Certifiable
  • Must be able to meet AZ. POST standards in all aspects and be able to pass the police academy on the first attempt to be a qualified police officer.

The Town of Mammoth is a small incorporated town consisting of approximately 500 homes. There are homes available for purchase and we are a nice community with our own Police Department, Fire Department, restaurants, dollar store, meat market, school, and motel. We also have the lowest crime rate in the Copper Corridor.

This position will be advertised until filled. Please submit the following information:

  • Letter of Interest
  • Resume with salary history
  • Four (4) work related job references and contact information

All questions to be directed to : The Town Hall

Email To: townofmammoth@hotmail.com

Or Contact Town Hall at 125 N. Clark Street Mammoth Arizona 85618

Phone: 520-487-2331 Fax: 520-487-2152