Welcome to the Town of Mammoth!

Town Hall
125 N. Clark St.
P.O. Box 130
Mammoth, AZ 85618
phone: (520) 487-2331
fax: (520) 487-2152

 Town Clerk          Erica Garcia          egarcia@townofmammoth.us

Utilites Clerk       April Garcia          april.garcia@townofmammoth.us



 In accordance with A.R.S.§9-499.15, public notice is hereby given that the Town of Mammoth Council will consider an increase in the Town’s Transaction Privilege Tax (Sales Tax) rate from two percent (2%) up to four percent (4%) and the potential establishment of a Bed Tax rate up to four percent (4%) no sooner than 60 days after the posting date of this notice.  On or after June 2, 2015 the Town of Mammoth Council  will hold a public hearing to consider approving these changes to the Transaction Privilege Tax (Sales Tax) rates.

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