Welcome to the Town of Mammoth!

Sunset over the San Pedro River
Mammoth is known for its natural beauty, regional tourism activity, and the many recreational and civic opportunities that are available. The town has its roots in the mining industry. The community maintains a quality community park system and open space corridor.
Town Hall
125 N. Clark St.
P.O. Box 130
Mammoth, AZ 85618
phone: (520) 487-2331
fax: (520) 487-2152
Town Manager  Don Jones  donjones@townofmammoth.us
Town Clerk         Don Jones is acting Interim Town Clerk
Financial Clerk      Erica Garcia   
Utilites Clerk       April Garcia       april.garcia@townofmammoth.us

 Please see Town Council page for Meeting Agenda, Minutes, and Public Hearings. Also The Mayor’s Corner for comments and Council News.